Professor of Library and Information Science

University of Uyo


Thesis, Dissertations and Books

M.ED Dissertation

Ibegwam, A.

Adequacy and utilization of human resources in health science Libraries in Lagos State

PhD Thesis

Ibegwam, A.

Influence of Indigenous Medical Publications on Library Collection Development And Usage By Medical And Dental Students In Nigerian Universities


Ibegwam, A.

Fundamentals of Library and Information Science Education.


Uzuegbu, C.P., Igwe, K.N., Ibegwam, A., Nwokocha, U.

A Guide to APA 6th Edition: Style of Citation and Referencing for Research Writing

Journal Articles

Factors affecting the use of indigenous publications by Medical and Dental Student in Nigerian Universities

Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal / Ibegwam, Ahiaoma; & Okwilagwe, Oshiotese Andrew. (2012) | Download

Stages of Organisational Commitment among Libraries

In University Libraries in South- South Nigeria Library Philosophy and Practice / Udofia Iwatt and Ibegwam, A.(2019) | Download

The Role of Agricultural Libraries in Literacy Education as a Prelude to Capacity Building among Rural Farmers in Nigeria

International Journal of Advanced Library and Information Science 2016,4, (2) 386-392, Article ID Sci-375 ISSN 2348–5167, Crossref: 10.23953/cloud.ijalis.223 / Ibegwam,A. Stella N.I. Anasi, and Chimezie P. Uzuegbu(2016) | Download

Strengthening Health Science Libraries and Information Centres in Nigeria Through Library Collaboration: The Role of Librarians.

Journal of Library and Information Science7(1)42-50 ISSN2374-2372(print)2374-2364 / Ibegwam, A., Unobe, S.E. and Uzohue, C. (2019) | Download

The psycho-social effect of parental separation and divorce on adolescents: Implications for counselling in Surulere Local Government Area of Lagos State.

International Journal of Psychology and Counselling / Ibegwam Ahiaoma(2013) | Download

Preservation and Dissemination of Women’s Cultural heritage in Nigerian University Libraries.

Library Review 62(8)9 / Anasi, S.N.I.; Ibegwam, A. and Oyediran-tidings, S.O. (2013) | Download

A Comparative Bibliometric Study of Two Renowned Scholarly Medical Journals in Nigeria: 2001-2010.

Asian Journal of Library and Information Vol.6: (1-2) / Obajemu, A.S. ,A. Ibegwam A., F.C Ekere and H.O.J.Akinade (2014) | Download

Creating Universal Resource Locator Links on Library computer Desktop: A Panacea for Students Underutilization of Subscribed Electronic Databases in Academic Institutions in Nigeria.

Annals of Library and Information Studies,59(2).pp.97105. / Uzuegbu, C.P., Chukwu, O.C. and Ibegwam, A. (2012). | Download

Citation Study of Research Related Internet Use by Students in Nigerian Academic Institutions.

The Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike example. Library Philosophy and Practice / Ibegwam A., Uzuegbu, C.P. and Uzochukwu, O.V. (2013) | Download

Imperative of Cyber Ethics Education to Cyber Crimes Prevention and Cyber Security in Nigeria.

International Journal of ICT and Management. 2(2), 102-115. / Igwe, K.N and Ibegwam,A (2014) | Download

Recognition of Information Need Indicators and Graduate Students' Research Practices in University Libraries of South East Nigeria

Library Philosophy and Practice / Obasi, Nene Favour Kalu and Ibegwam, Professor Ahiaoma,(2020) | Download

Nigerian Quarterly Journal of Hospital Medicine: a Bibliometric Study

Nig. Qt, J. Hosp. / Obajemu, A.S., Ekere, F.C.Nwachukwu and Ibegwam A. (2015)

Marketing Strategies: A sure means of the survival of the Academic Libraries

Journal of Library  and Information Science and Technology, .3 (1) / Obajemu, SA and Ibegwam, A. Ogunyade, TO and Osagie, JN (2013)

Motivating Greater Use of the A-V media in Nigeria Universities: A Case Study of the Learning Resources Unit, College of Medicine

Lagos Librarians (16) 6-12 / Ibegwam, A (1995)

Review of the Use of Computer and Internet Services in a Lagos Tertiary Institution.

Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences Jan-June 1.(1) 13-21 / Olatunji-Bello A, Ibegwam, A, Odugbemi, T.O (2002)

Nigerian Medical Libraries in a Digital Age.

Journal of Library and Information Science. Vol. (1) (2). 25-30. / Ibegwam, A (2004)

Medical Informatics: The Role of Health Science Librarian.

Nig.Qt..J.Hosp. Med. 15 (3) July-Sept. 141-144 / Ogunyade,T.O, Ibegwam, A. (2011)

Book Chapters

Entrepreneurship Constraints and the Way Forward: A Case for Prospective Entrepreneurs in the Library and Information Profession.

Entrepreneurship studies for Practices in Library and Information Science.
Ed. Issa et al 173-188 Nigeria.Zeh Communication

Internet Communication: E-mail and medical libraries

In: INFORMATION SCIENCE IN AFRICA Edited by E.C. Madu& M.B. Dirisu. Nigeria Eyi-coloman Publication. P.182

Provision of Information to Health Professionals: Resources, Sources and Services

In Provision of Services to Users in the Era of Globalisation. Edited by A. O. Issa, K.N. Igwe and C.P. Uzuegbu Lagos: Waltodanny Visual Concept 60-74

Reviving Moribund Culture of Reading in Nigeria for Sustainable National Development

In Information Management Agenda 2030, Perspectives of Sustainable Development Goals. A Festchrift in Honour of Professor Felicia Edu-Uwem Etim at 60. Edited by Teddy Adias, Ahiaoma Ibegwam, Inyang Udofot and Donald Hamilton.

Trade Promotion APU-EU Cooperation in APU-Cooperation in a Changing World

Edited by CN Odoekan, MB Dirisu,:Textlinks Publishing 167-191

University Librarian in Nigerian University System

University Librarianship: Issues and Prespectives in Nigeria Nnadozie, C.O.etal(Ed) 420-436p

Marketing of Electronic Resources to Users in Libraries in Provision of services to users in the Era of Globalisation

Edited by A.O. Issa,  K.N. Igwe and C.P. Uzuegbu Lagos: Waltodanny Visual Concept 270-282

Papers Presented

Collaboration and partnership as an innovation for resolving agricultural information needs of agricultural scientists and extension workers in Nigerian universities’ of agriculture.

A paper presentation at the Conference of the International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD) held in Cornell University, Ithaca, NY USA from July 21 – 24, 2013

The role of agricultural libraries in literacy education as a prelude to capacity building among rural farmers in Nigeria.

A paper presentation at the Conference of the International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD) held in Cornell University, Ithaca, NY USA from July 21 to 24, 2013

Preservation and Dissemination of Women’s Cultural Heritage in Nigeria: the Role of Libraries.

A paper presentation at IFLA Women, Information and Libraries Special Interest Group Satellite Conference in Tampere, Finland, 8-10 August 2012